Secure fire and leak protection

Packaging fillers protect the packaged goods against damage, vibrations and impacts, and prevent unwanted movement of the goods in the packaging. The material should be lightweight and environmentally friendly in addition to binding liquids. For shipping dangerous goods in the form of liquid substances, laboratory chemicals, bases, acids, paint, thinner or similar, transportation in a dangerous goods carton or barrel with a non-combustible filler/binding agent to prevent leaks is prescribed.

Extover® offers secure fire and leak protection for the packaging and transportation of dangerous substances. It is ideal as a packaging material for the bulk filling of outer packaging, and for filling fireproof packaging cushions.

Extover® meets the requirements

Thanks to its low weight, Extover® is also ideal for air freight. The round grain shape makes it highly free-flowing and easy to pour. The lightweight granulate is resistant to pressure and does not conduct electricity. Liquids and vapours adhere to the very large, rough surface and are bound for disposal. Uncontaminated granulate is easily reusable and has an unlimited storage life. Because Extover® is made of pure glass, it is harmless to health and environmentally friendly.

Extover® meets all stated requirements for a practical and safe packaging solution. The sorbency capability was tested and confirmed by the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM).

Additional benefits

Very good binding of liquids

Resistant to acids and bases

100% inorganic

Inert, low reactivity

Low weight (low disposal costs for contaminated materials)

Low heat conductivity

Sound absorbing

Does not spoil

Free of bacteria and germs

Packaging for dangerous goods must be reviewed and approved in its entirety. All our tests apply only to Extover® as a filler.