Low weight and flame retardant properties

Industrial transformers are cooled with oil. A collection pan made of concrete is therefore mandatory underneath transformers, so that transformer oil which may leak in case of damage as well as rainwater and fire water are retained. To suffocate the flames in the oil tray in case of a fire, it is covered with grates and filled with crushed rock or gravel.

Shorter shutdown and setup times

However, the prescribed leak inspections require the covers and filler to be removed regularly, resulting in high costs and long shutdown times. A cover filled with foam glass granulate is the ideal solution here. The cover is flame retardant and easy to remove due to its low weight. Shorter shutdown and setup times are therefore achieved. If a fire breaks out in the collection pan, it is effectively suffocated.

Using loose Extover® in this field of application is conceivable as well. Because of the low density, Extover® floats on liquids so it can form a flame-retardant layer. Fires are suffocated and the formation of ignitable mixtures is suppressed.

Extover® – the advantages for system structures

Very low bulk density

Electrical insulator

Able to float

Formation of thick layers

Effective suffocation in combination with oxygen displacement

Environmentally friendly material