by the Material Testing Institute MPA Dresden according DIN EN 3-7 : 2007 standard

In general Extover® is suitable to extinguish difficult fire loads. Especially on magnesium and sodium as fire objects (fire class D), the Material Testing Institute MPA Dresden has examined Extover® as a fire extinguishing agent according to DIN EN 3-7:2007 standard. Fire extinguishing tests were also conducted on lithium-primary and lithium-ion batteries. All of the tested fire objects were successfully extinguished with Extover®.

Test setup by Institute MPA Dresden

The test setup with the fire objects followed the requirements of the DIN EN 3-7:2007 standard. Extover® was used for extinguishing by bulk application. The granulate was applied to the fire objects after the prescribed burning time, resulting in full coverage and sealing. Here the effect of Extover® is based on isolation (encapsulation) and suffocation of the fire source.

Lithium battery test

Sodium fire test

Magnesium fire test

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