Lightweight, mineral-based, environmentally friendly

Extover® is a universal, dry extinguishing agent made of foam glass granulate. It can be used for fire extinguishing and preventive fire protection. The small, lightweight spheres consist of foamed recycled glass with tiny pores on the inside, forming a closed cell structure. Since the granulate is 100% mineral based, it is not combustible (construction material class A1, DIN 4102). Extover® does not cause water damage, is reusable and was tested as a fire extinguishing agent by MPA Dresden.

Extover® – the characteristics

Extover® – the characteristics

Because of its multi-cellular structure, the granulate is very lightweight (bulk density approximately 240 kg/m³) yet pressure-resistant. It is easy to transport and very free-flowing thanks to its spherical grain shape. Extover® is purely mineral-based and made of recycled glass in a special process that conserves resources. The granulate has an average grain size of 1 – 4 mm, does not cause damage like some extinguishing agents and is easy to reuse.

Purely mineral-based, 100% inorganic

Very lightweight and pressure-resistant

Dry granulate

Spherical round grain

Inert, not reactive

Odourless, VOC-free

Recommended for healthy living

Conserves resources, made of recycled glass

Extover® – the fields of application

Extover® can be used as an extinguishing agent for fire fighting, a non-combustible filler or as floating fire protection. The primary extinguishing effect is based on suffocation and isolation of the fire source. Thanks to the round grain and defined grain size of 1 – 4 mm, a high packing density can be achieved in the layer that covers and seals off the fire after reaching a certain thickness. The granulate is also very free-flowing and stores well. It is easy to convey using compressed air or by gravity. Extover® combines various advantages in an innovative product.


As a manufacturer we currently sell Extover® via different external sales channels. Our authorized partners distribute Extover® in various container sizes. You will find the right product size for every application.

Our authorized partners distribute Extover® in various container sizes, so that you can find the right product size for every application.