Effective and reusable

As an effective fire extinguishing agent, Extover® offers a number of important advantages for fire fighting and preventive fire protection. It is produced using a special process and prevents problems in regards to the extinguishing effect as well as the protection of assets, health and the environment. As a fire extinguishing agent, Extover® is an economical, environmentally friendly long-term solution that meets various fire protection requirements.

    Extover® is 100% mineral-based and made of pure glass.
    The dry granulate does not cause any damage and is easy to remove afterwards.
  • REUSABLE Uncontaminated granulate is easily reusable.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND HARMLESS TO HEALTH Extover® exhibits low reactivity and is non-toxic, free of fibres and solvents, odour-neutral, non-allergenic and radiologically harmless.
  • EASY HANDLING AS BULK MATERIAL The low weight simplifies handling, dosage, transportation and storage.
  • COMBINABLE Extover® can be used in combination with other extinguishing agents.
  • SORBENCY CAPABLE Liquids such as electrolyte are effectively bound.
  • FILTRATION-CAPABLE Gases and vapours accumulate on the large grain surface and are bound for disposal.
  • PRACTICALLY MAINTENANCE-FREE Extover® is resistant to frost, heat, rotting, ageing, bacteria, moisture, acids and organic solvents, and does not constitute a host for rodents, insects and mould.
  • VERY FREE-FLOWING The spherical grains provide very good free flowing properties and enable dense sphere packing.
  • THERMAL INSULATION Extover® provides excellent thermal insulating properties
  • RECYCLABLE Since it is pure glass, unused granulate can be recycled again without problems.
  • BUOYANT The small spheres consist of expanded (foamed) glass with tiny pores that form a closed cell structure.
  • PROTECTS RESOURCES The use of recycled glass for production conserves natural resources and preserves nature.